Renewable Energy

BRAC’s renewable energy expertise equips commercial and public sector organisations to improve environmental standards, cut energy costs and CO2 consumption, and meet social responsibility commitments.

We specialise in identifying and installing contemporary energy solutions without disrupting the appeal and functionality of commercial and educational premises.

We work closely with architects to devise the most feasible and cost-effective energy solutions within the constrictions of your budget, your premises’ age, and any listed status.

Recent innovations have included the use of lambswool insulation, low water consumption toilet blocks and energy saving dryers and electrical facilities.

If you are planning a project that incorporates renewal energy please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss this with you.

Solar Energy

BRAC offers a combination of solar energy expertise and a highly qualified specialist roofing team, ensuring that when solar facilities are fitted to a roof its structural integrity is fully protected.

We are fully versed in the range of solar solutions available for larger buildings – even listed buildings with historic roofs.

We work closely with architects to devise and install solar solutions that will save energy and cut costs whilst delivering a reliable energy source capable of consistently powering commercial and high occupancy premises.

Our solar innovations can improve the ability of commercial, public sector and educational environments to meet statutory requirements and improve budgetary efficiency.

Please contact us to discuss your premises and explore the most suitable solar options for your situation.