Renewable Energy and Ground Source Heat Pump Installers

If you are exploring renewable energy solutions for your building, turn to BRAC Group. As well as being fully qualified ground source heat pump installers, we are also experts in numerous energy solutions. These measures are designed to maximise your building’s efficiency and generate cost savings as well as benefits from energy incentive schemes.

We don’t just install renewable energy solutions. We also apply our extensive knowledge in this area to devise strategies that are sympathetic to your building, its purpose and its occupants. These include low water consumption facilities, energy saving electrical solutions and innovative insulation materials such as the use of lamb’s wool, which is cost effective and completely sustainable.

With clients including London 2012 and the Department of Business Industry and Skills on our portfolio, you know you will be in safe hands with BRAC Group. So if you require professional ground source heat pump installers – or any other renewable energy solutions – please contact us for a no obligation discussion of your project.